M2K is a full-service construction, design and development company, which specializes in building and remodeling of both residential and commercial properties. M2K was created by Carlos Palenzuela  with extensive experience in residential and commercial construction. Mr. Palenzuela has taken  part in major development and uplift projects. With over 20 years of combined experience in all types of construction, has have been involved in securing state, and local regulatory building, zoning and land-use approvals; and, directed and managed , construction, scheduling, and budgeting of residential and new construction and remodeling, land developments and condo remodeling. 

M2K’s team includes professional design consultants that will assist you in the planning and design of future projects and full construction management services. Having certifications in Solid Surface applications from Wilson Art, Doors and Hardware from Ingersoll Rand and a 30 hour certification from OSHA, M2K brings great value to any job or task that needs to be concurred. 

Mr. Palenzuela has been involved in constructing over 1,500 residential properties (including ADA approved homes),  and the construction of over 2 million square feet of commercial space throughout his career.